Latin Grammy Awards

8 August 2022 i@n 0

A tribute to beloved Art Blakey by legendary group Nueva Manteca on their 13th album. For your consideration at the 2022 Latin Grammy. Viva la […]


9 March 2022 i@n 0

ARE YOU READY!? Whitin a few weeks some new songs of Nueva Manteca will be released! Below the dates of the upcoming singles – and […]


18 January 2022 i@n 0

Within a few weeks the new album of Nueva Manteca will drop on all streamingsplatforms.ART is a twofold tribute. Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers […]

“ART” the new album…

1 September 2020 i@n 0

The ablum Art is an ode to the legendary band ”Art Blakey and The Jazz Mesengers”. The renewed international formation of Nueva Manteca looks at […]

Israel tour

1 September 2020 i@n 0

In the months of November & December 2019 Nueva Manteca toured through Israel.The band has played in various clubs, concert halls and theaters in cities […]

Nueva Manteca is back!

1 September 2020 i@n 0

Nueva Manteca is Back! The legendary band Nueva Manteca is back! With their vital and virtuous music this band has been an essential part of […]